Gabriela Fruchtermann is a prominent real estate consultant known as Gaby Fruch with more than 5 years of experience in the Miami market. She was born in Venezuela on April 6, 1984 and currently resides in Miami, Florida. Thanks to her extensive experience as a Real Estate and Broker, Gabriela has stood out in the Miami real estate market due to her ability to work with buyers and investors to achieve successful deals.

Gaby Fruch is known for her commitment and dedication to each project in which she is involved, always looking for the best opportunities for her clients and carrying out successful negotiations. With a unique combination of sales, marketing and negotiation skills, Gabriela has managed to establish herself as one of the best real estate consultants in Miami.

One of her specialties is new construction, providing advice on the purchase and sale of properties under construction or newly built. Additionally, she has extensive experience in the first-time homebuyer market, helping them find the ideal property for their needs and budget.

In addition to her experience in the real estate market, Gaby Fruch is a person committed to her community and has participated in various volunteer activities, promoting the social and cultural development of the city of Miami.

Gaby has the best professional and highly trained Real Estate team in the real estate world (Gaby Fruch Team) with extensive experience in sales, negotiation and advice in Miami. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to work as a team make her one of the best options for anyone seeking high-quality real estate consulting in Miami.

If you are looking for Gaby Fruch, she is the right person for you. With her experience in the local real estate market, her commitment to excellence and her ability to work as a team, she is able to provide personalized service tailored to her specific needs.

If you wish to contact Gaby Fruch to learn more about her services as a real estate consultant, do not hesitate to do so. She will be happy to work with you and help you find the property of your dreams.

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